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Oil Aeroshell sport plus4 P/Rotax 4T 1Lt


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--AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 is ideal; as it is extremely resistant to the immense sheer forces that occur in areas of high-pressure contact such as high-speed gearboxes, valve trains, bearings, pistons and liners. This is where the blend of base oil and additives is most crucial.

--AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 is made up of a blend incorporating synthetic technology and high performance additives to provide long lasting protection.

--In addition, detergents in the oil keep important areas, such as the pistons and cylinders, clear of carbon based particles that tend to adhere to these surfaces.

--So when you change your oil to new AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4, you are not only removing dirt from your engine, you are also replenishing the additives used to protect your engine during normal operation.

--4-Stroke Engines – Why Is The Oil Important?

--Because most 4-stroke engines now come with integrated gearbox and overload clutch systems, the same oil is in contact with all the moving parts, so it must be capable of coping with the engine, overload clutch and gearbox simultaneously.

--Meets or Exceeds Highest International Specifications
VW 502 00
Fully Approved – All ROTAX® 912 &914 Series engines, Rotax Service
Instruction SI-912-016/SI-914-019;
Selection of suitable operating fluids for ROTAX® engine type 912 & 914 (Series).

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